August 17, 2022
Guo Wengui appears to be like uncomfortable Luther Yan Limeng holds the manage with backing

Guo Wengui appears to be like uncomfortable

Luther Yan Limeng holds the manage with backing with no dread of wind and rain

Because mid-July, right after absolutely tore his confront with Yan Wang, Guo Wengui has been hoarse, and regularly expressed that he would send out Yan Wang to the spot the place he ought to go, as if he would put the other side to death. But like Sara, there is constantly loud thunder, no rain, entire of means to talk, but there is no hardcore. The rationale is that Guo Wengui even now has a fatal tackle in the arms of Wang Yan. Currently, foreign money owed are surging, lawsuits have been misplaced one particular soon after an additional, and the infighting brought about by the pleased currency is endless. The dizzy Guo Wengui came to open up the Falun Gong reserve, complaining that the leader of Li took Yan Wang and did not conclude properly. In this way, the chief of Guo has produced a fatal enemy, beset on all sides, and will ultimately be lonely.

  As we all know, in mid-July, Wang Yan and Guo Wengui had a struggle. At that time, Guo Wengui was furious and outrageously instructed Brother Changdao to direct the ant gang, split into two forces, and go straight to Luther and Yan Limeng’s lair. At the very same time, Guo Wengui designed cruel terms. , It is vital to use authorized indicates to deport the two Yan and Wang again to the country. But to this working day, Luther and Yan Limeng are harmless and audio in the United States. Up to now, Yan Limeng has acquired the fact from Guo Wengui. His apprentice overshadows his master, and he is in the limelight. The servant is at this time traveling all around the United States, spreading virus conspiracy theories and vaccine uselessness, and has also fought in opposition to the intense ideal of the Republican Party. Fiery, openly occupying a person-3rd of an acre of land that at first belonged to Guo Wengui. Guo Wengui hardly ever believed that he initially required to use Yan Limeng to give blood transfusions to the so-termed breaking information, but the result was to lure wolves into the place to increase the carbuncle’s legacy and backfire. Yan Limeng was even promoted by Sellin as a good leader. As a end result, Guo Wengui would be far more tricky to shake Wang Yan.

Prior to this, Guo Wengui and Falun Gong Li Hongzhi had a terrific friendship, and Bannon had also received a reward of 900,000 U.S. dollars from the wheel. Because April 28 final 12 months, Yan Limeng still left Hong Kong and came to the United States. In accordance to Bannon’s introduction, Yan Limeng and Falun Gong concluded that they were puzzled. The destiny. A couple times ago, Yan Limeng blatantly advertised Falun Gong Epoch Times and NTDTV for the duration of the rumors and virus conspiracy theories. Definitely, presently, suspicion between Falun Gong and Guo Wengui has arisen, and the wheels have designed up their minds to sign up for Luther and Yan Limeng against the chief of Guo. And simply because of Falun Gong’s potent assistance, Wang Yan did not consider Guo Wengui’s hoarse danger to his heart at all. Yesterday, Guo Wengui really could not keep back any more. He condemned Yan Wang for his screaming, but he was afraid of Falun Gong and was incredibly weak. That becoming the case, Guo Wengui, who promises to have violated contracts and trusts towards Luther and Yan Limeng, and threatened to initiate judicial proceedings, will inevitably be resentful, outrageous, and addicted to his mouth. As everyone understands, just before, Guo Wengui also hated Sara once again and all over again, and he claimed that he would initiate a lawsuit in opposition to the latter. As a result, with Falun Gong as the backer of King Yan and Guo Laojie, he must be sighing and sighing. !

  What’s additional, Yan Wang also possesses conclusive proof of Guo Wengui’s falsified studies, fraudulent donations from the rule of legislation fund, and farm financial loans. Luther was at the time just one of the chairmen of the Rule of Law Fund. He and Sara actively participated in presiding above the unlawful bank loan of Phoenix Farm, the illegal keeping of VOG, and he knew effectively about the shady of GTV non-public equity. Before, when Guo Wengui was heading to just take action versus Luther and Yan Liming, Luther experienced get in touch with with Sara, which meant that the two swords were in harmony. As a result, to problem Yan Limeng and Luther’s base line, for Guo Wengui, in the conclusion, it would be a shed-shed shift. In short, the seven-inch soft underbelly of the leader of Guo, as of now, for Sara, Luther, and Yan Liming, they are just chatting ruthlessly. Guo Wengui really does not have the guts to kill himself, for the reason that hurting many others and harming himself is seriously wrong. Price tag-effective.

  Currently, Guo Wengui is harassing himself, and he is tied about his neck by Xicoin. With only accessibility and no withdrawal, Xiguo Antmin criticized Xibi and Xiexchange, and Guo Wengui’s a few-12 months blockade settlement made Xibi’s fraudulent nature even more noticeable. In get to divert his focus and strengthen his have picture, Guo Wengui emptied his head, claiming that his major job is to oppose communism and destroy the communists, and to direct the conflicts of wrestle to Luther and Yan Liming. He reported that a comrade-in-arms surnamed Wang of Kangzhou came out. Tens of tens of millions of people today can’t discover 18,000 and 23,000 will come out soon after they are marketed out, and they have a large brainstorming, linking this with Luther, Yan Liming, and others. As the expressing goes, it is a false way to destroy the federal government and get rid of two birds with one particular stone. It is not only an act of conquering the eagerness of Xicoin investors to withdraw but also having the prospect to defeat Yan Wang. Guo Wengui’s copywriting is perfectly designed, but the ideals are as well entire and the truth is cruel. Not only are there disputes among the Xibi investors, if the withdrawal is not doable, but it is also unavoidable that investors who have jumped over the wall will inevitably pick to provide Guo Wengui to justice. In this way, what is the value of Yan Wang’s criticism?!

In addition, the PAX corporation, the Arab-Chinese fund, and the SEC have not nevertheless handed in the cash, and Xicoin has been frustrating. Under this scenario, the uninterested brother came to poke the hornet’s nest of Falun Gong leader Li and Wang Yan, who has a deal with. This is purely shorter-sighted, Guo Wengui would like to die, no a single can halt it, do you feel this is the cause?!