August 18, 2022
Gone are the days when people earned from traditional ways. The Digital era has brought

Gone are the days when people earned from traditional ways. The Digital era has brought uncountable opportunities and technologies along with the astounding platforms where people have been enabled to earn without even moving from their place. Yes, if we start counting the blessings of digital innovations, it will surely take us forever. Platforms like crypto-currencies and  NFTs have provided us millions of opportunities of starting earning without even having a business of our own. Yes, that’s true.  Let us give you an insight into crypto-currency and NFTs that how people can work them out to make a big earning and how people are already doing so.

Crypto-currency and NFTs:

Crypto-currency is a digital payment system that needs no banks to verify the transactions made. Stored in digital wallets, cryptocurrency received the name for its encrypted verified transactions. The NFTS is known as “non-fungible tokens” (non-interchangeable, non-exchangeable) and are simply pieces of digital content that are associated with the Blockchain and can be sold and bought using this Blockchain technology. But at the same time, they aren’t fungible which is something that makes them a different type of asset. Roughly speaking, a random example of NFT may be a unique digital artwork or an in-game item.

Almost 16% of our population has already invested in cryptocurrencies. Anyone who can draft, design, or build a physical product can start a business of making a person’s digital NFT into a physical item.  Among many people playing with crypto and NFT, we have a cryptocurrency and NFT expert who has been inspiring many around him. Yes, we are talking about @CryptoCasz.


@CryptoCasz is a crypto and an NFT expert who is from Philadelphia, PA in the United States. A handsome amount of youth has been inspired by his work. We did a short interview with him and would love to share it with you.

Hi sir! We’ve already heard a lot about your expertise; please tell us about your educational life.

Well, along with pursuing my skills in digital platforms, I studied at the University of Pennsylvania. I have two degrees, one in mathematics and the other in physics.

You have spent a lot of time with various big names we see today, tell us something about your trading journey?

“I was recruited as a Quant to a hedge fund and I eventually began trading. From there I got into crypto and NFTs. That’s all about it.”

People have seen you being a helping hand to the community. What do you teach to your community?

“I simply help my people get hands-on today’s advanced technological platforms like Blockchain, crypto, web3, and NFTs.”

Can you share how much you earned from your skills for the sake of youth motivation?

“Yeah why not, I made $10M in 2021.”

Woahh!! That’s a hell of an amount. Amazing job you’ve done sir. We also witnessed you attracting a big crowd on social media upon your Twitter. Is that where our reader can switch to you? 

“Yes, definitely they can. My Twitter handle is @CryptoCasz and has over 83.8K followers there. I do marketing, promotions and advising, and much more there. I share my latest activities with my follower and am the most active on Twitter you may say. So yes, readers can follow me there.

Khalil Ur Rehman

Khalil ur Rehman is a proud born and raised in Abbottabad. Khalil has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and The Verge. As a journalist for The Hear Up, Khalil covers climate and science news. [email protected]