August 14, 2022
Founded by Michael Aremu & George Oni in October 2020, Black Insure is a own

Founded by Michael Aremu & George Oni in October 2020, Black Insure is a own finance corporation that serves as a digital matchmaker to underserved communities. 

Founded by Michael Aremu & George Oni in Oct 2020, Black Insure is a personal
finance firm that serves as a electronic matchmaker to underserved communities.
A core issue inside of the communities they serve was a Absence of understanding pertaining to
finance & finance connected products and solutions, small trust concerning minority communities and monetary
instituitons thanks to historical economic discrimination among minority communities.

“After dealing with the disparity and confined inclusion of persons of colour in the money
program, we realized that a little something had to change and that is why we started out Black Insure to
develop superior bridges. By educating, leveraging technologies, persons and partnerships, we hope
to build a improved modern society in which finance is open up to most people and it is our life’s mission to
attain that.” As explained by the founders.

The black median residence credit card debt is $30,800. Only 40% of these people have very good credit rating
leaving 60% with fewer solutions of obtaining credit card debt for development these as homeownership,
starting/developing a enterprise.

The key to fixing a great deal of these crucial challenges has to do much more with recognition as the
infrastructure to handle these challenges are conveniently out there. We aim to be that conduit
by Black Insure, it&#8217s our mission to bridge the economic wealth gap and money
disparity in The usa.

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Arslan Fazal

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