August 8, 2022
Research chemicals are now sold openly in the market. On the internet alone, there are

Research chemicals are now sold openly in the market. On the internet alone, there are hundreds of sites promoting the use of these chemicals.  There are always opposing opinions regarding these chemicals.  Are they beneficial or a threat to the user?  People using them firsthand can enumerate the benefits they have gained, which is why they keep on buying and buying most of the time.  On the other hand, those who have experienced something wrong in using them will, of course, warn others not to patronize these kinds of products.

But what are 1p-lsd for sale, and why do limitations and prohibitions from the government exist regarding their sale and use? These chemicals intend to mimic other drugs that produce an outcome that alter the mind creating specific reactions that give a “high” feeling. They are also known by the term Designer Drugs or Legal Highs.  These drugs were made to appear legal by promoting them as chemicals used for research.  Because there is minimal information about these drugs and the toxicity is yet unknown to their effect on the user, they are used in small studies.

Statistics reveal a considerable number of adverse effects in using research chemicals.  The worst is insanity and death.  These drugs are dangerous because, once ingested, the effect is unknown as to the reactions when taken together with other drugs or substances and whether they have actual toxic content. The ill-effects are not adequately established because those who have experienced the harmful effects keep their stories within themselves. Some cases connected legal highs with death, increased blood pressure, heartbeat problems, profuse sweating, inflammation of the heart, loss of consciousness, chronic loose bowel movements, problems involving the cardiovascular system, potential effects on the mind like neurotoxicity, hallucinations, and schizophrenia.

The dependency on these drugs creates a domino effect in society; because more and more users will patronize these products. Once hooked, they cannot simply get them out of their system. The more they use these drugs, the more problems will be created.

The treatment process is very long and tedious with the resulting nervous system problems because the victim often does not cooperate.  The range of the ill effects is confined within the individual and affects society as a whole.  People who lose their sanity become burdens to their families and also dangerous when left free in society. The long-term effects are the loss of human dignity and purpose.  Their existence is wasted because they are no longer fit to live in any community.

Knowing the adverse effects of these drugs camouflaging as research chemicals for sale still control and prevention is remote because the drug use activities are underground, and the authorities have difficulty stopping them.  In many countries, drug use and addiction pose as one, if not the most difficult, problem to solve. Governments exhaust so many resources in thwarting the proliferation of problems involving drug use.  But as of the present, the ultimate practical solution is not yet determined.

Umar Nisar

Umar Nisar was born and raised in the busy city of Abbottabad. As a journalist, Umar Nisar has contributed to many online publications including PAK Today and the Huffing Post. In regards to academics, Umar Nisar earned a degree in business from the Abbottabad UST, Havelian. Umar Nisar follows the money and covers all aspects of emerging tech here at The Hear Up.